Thursday, March 31, 2011

Imagination is the first step to the better life.

Salam and good evening =D

  Have you ever watch this movie?For those who haven't you better watch it now.I mean now baby,now!At first(when it was released on cinemas),when i saw its tittle i was like "hey dude,who on earth create this movie?Who gonna watch this so-called-lame movie?"

  Unfortunately,when i was checking my e-mail,yahoo posted a news on some brilliant people working on a 'flying' house.Dude,there were making this balloon house into a reality.Who would ever imagine that this cute little thingy (see below) :

That then being the main idea/storyline of a movie?

The Up house in Disneyland.

And,this are few images on making the Up house a real thingy that i found on internet.

This whole idea of bringing this thing into a real thing proves us that imagination are something that would lead us to a better life.Imagination will always only be an imagination if we never try to make it real.Always believe in your faith and imagination.

All pictures are credited to mr.G (:

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